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BT Outgoing SMTP issue - Email Support Area
Why is my outgoing not working or intermittent:

BT have just told us they are doing trials on new anti-spam measures, they are starting to block any not BT smtp, or not allowing not verified domain name linked email addresses, which is what is causing the issue, the email setup on your machine and the service our side is most likely fine, 
Can I send emails now:

Yes, you can use the free webmail, which will be webmail.yourdomain.etc for and smtp or,  you use your account-name and password to login, then you can sent as normal.

Can we fix this issue:
Yes, there are 2 ways to fix this, both are via BT,

1: you can ask them for the BT smtp, username and password, once you have them, replace the outgoing smtp, then change the "my outgoing server" section or more settings - DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE INCOMING. 
Also you need to get them to allow you to send via your email address, or domain name,

If you are unsure where to make the changes email us and we will tell you the steps,

2: you need to get BT to allow the email address and or domain name you are sending from and our smtp, they may need you to provide proof of ownership. Once done they should allow the email fine, 

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