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What do I need to have a Website:

You need 3 parts to have a website online:

1: the name - called a domain name (can be use for www, websites and email)
2: hosting - web host (this is the space where and email or website pages live - online so people can use your name)
3: the pages (your text and images)

You can get each of these parts at different times, so you can get the name now with say email, but leave the website until you are ready,

Once you have a name registered you are the legal owner of it and can use it as you see fit,
You have the domain - what next:

Your domain is registered, but there is no hosting associated to it, our page is there as a marker until your first web page is online, if you have a website or hosting now let us have the address or NameServer and we will point this name at it free of charge,

You need 3 parts to have a website online, the domain name, hosting space and a website pages,

The next stage is to get hosting space, which includes all email services - plus free webmail as well,

Order now at and select the hosting you need,


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Domain Names::Email Setup::Hosting::Website::Domain Search