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What is Domain Name E-mail Forwarding:
We can forward any email to your domain name to any other email address you have.

The types of e-mail forwarder that are explained below:

Alias E-mail Forwarder
An Alias E-mail Forwarder allows you to forward a specific email addresses at your domain name e.g. '' to the destination email address specified. ----->

Catchall E-mail Forwarder
A Catchall E-mail Forwarder will forward all the e-mails sent to your domain, that do not match one of the other 'Alias E-mail Forwarders' to the destination email address specified. By default we set the Catchall E-mail Forwarder as the e-mail address in your account profile. ----->
What is Domain Name Web (www) Forwarding:

We can forward any website traffic to your domain name to any other website address, it can be masked as well so your domain name stays in the browser address box.
What is Domain Name Website Masking:

The masked method uses a technique called 'frame based forwarding'. To ensure that your domain name remains in the Browsers address line the underlying website you are forwarding to is held within a HTML frame set.
What is the cost of redirection:

When you buy any domain name from The Vikatec Group you get free web and email forwarding. 
How do I setup email forwarding on the free forwarding service:

To take advantage of this free forwarding simply email the domain name and the place to forward to (email or website address) we will do the rest. Please say if you want masking on,  this service is free of charge as well.

Send the email to, you can use our contact form if you do not have email (click here). 
Why does my email forwarding not work:

The most common reason for not receiving emails forwarded through your domain is due to the forwarding address being a web based email (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo), and the junk mail filters used to prevent spam/bulk email from cluttering up your inbox.

If you believe emails are not getting forwarded from your domain name then please try checking the junk mail folder on the forwarding address. If the forwarded emails are ending up in your junk mail folder it may be necessary to adjust your junk mail filter so that in future it will recognise any email forwarded from your domain name.

Please note it will take upto 24hrs for your forwarding to become fully active. For new registrations it can take upto 48hrs.
Is there a size limit for receiving emails through the free forwarding service:

There currently is a limit for the free email forwarding. This limit is set to 5mb per email and unfortunately cannot be increased. IF you require full email services with 30mb per email then view
Are there any banner Ads with your free forwarding service:

No - your domain is your domain, we respect that and do not have any adds what so ever.
Why can't I send e-mail from my forwarded domain name:

The free email forwarding service does not provide your domain name with a real e-mail account it simply re-routes any e-mail that is sent to it.

To be able to send and receive e-mail for your domain name you will need a real e-mail account for it. For more information on the email hosting packages offered by click here.
Why can't I index my forwarded page with the search engines:

The free web forwarding facility provided by Vikatec has three modes Masked, Re-direct and Disabled. When in the masked mode the underlying website you are forwarding to is held within a HTML frame set so that your domain name is kept in the Browser address bar. The Masked frame set is a template that all domain names with web forwarding use, because of this no specific META information about one domain can be included in the frame set. This means that when you submit your domain name to the Search Engines the program that checks the relevancy of your website has no information to go on and its relevancy score is likely to be low.

The free forwarding facility is not suited to websites that need to be indexed by the Search Engines as the programs that check you website mark you down if you have no META information or if you re-direct to another web address. To give your website the best chance of a good listing in the Search Engines you will need to host it. For details on the hosting packages by click here.

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