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Incorrect or Unwanted Domain Names - Domain Name Support Area
I've misspelled my domain name can I change it or have a refund: 
Unfortunately once the name has been registered Vikatec are liable for the registry fees. Changing the spelling of a domain is exactly the same as registering a new one. When you register a domain you are reserving the right to exclusively use that unique character string, changing it would mean reserving the rights to another unique character string, the same as registering a new name.

Because the name has been reserved by the registry in good faith i.e. the registry reserved what it was told to, they are under no obligation to refund the administration fees as they have carried out their service without fault. This means that Vikatec are unable to cancel or offer refunds on misspelled or unwanted domains.

The best thing to do with misspelled domains is use the free forwarding facility and point it at the correct version thus ensuring if anyone else makes the same mistake when visiting the site they can still find you.

We are all about giving you the best service, if you are thinking of having hosting, we can off-set the money you paid for the domain against this.
For details on the hosting packages by click here.
I do not want the domain any more can it be refunded: 

The fee you paid was for the domain to be registered, not for the time it is registered for so Unfortunately once the name has been registered it can not be refunded, let us know why you do not want the domain, we may be able to offer you other services against the money you paid.
Can I sell the domain name I own: 

Yes - you own the domain so you can sell it as that owner, if the domain's registered owner (you) is to be changed (which you should as you will be liable if not).
Are there any changes to change the domain owner: 

Yes - charges of about £30+vat will be made to the current owner (you), for this admin work, this is not by us but by the Internet administration bodies for the given domain types
How do I change the Legal Registrant on my domain: 

.com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domains, the changes can be made email. Please provide all the details of both you and the new owner and the domain details. This service is charged at £30+vat..

For .uk domains. You will need to contact Nominet, the .uk Registry on 01865 332244, to request a transfer form. This form will need to be signed by both parties and sent back to Nominet with confirmatory letters from both parties. Nominet will then make the necessary changes and advise us accordingly. There is a fee payable to Nominet.

If you require a new account for the new owner, please provide by email all the new owner details, including address, phone and email address, you can use our contact form if you do not have email (click here).

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