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Renewing Domain Names - Domain Name Support Area
When is the Domain Name Renewed:
Most are every 2 years, .eu domains are each year.
Will you contact me when the domain is due:

Yes - we will try to contact you by email, then phone, then post, even if we can via your domains email and website as well.
How long do I get to renew the domain:

We give you 3 months to the end of the term, then 60 days after, and a further 30 by the .uk issuing body (you may have to pay extra fees after the term ends).
Can anyone else take the domain off me:

No - we will only renew the domain for you. 
How much will I pay:

The same price forever, we just follow inflation, so even if you domain becomes the most wanted, you pay the same, that's guaranteed (with any inflation).
Can I move the domain to you if my current registrar ups the price:

Yes - we will take in your domain name and you only pay the same price with us. For none .uk names there may be a transfer charge, which if applicable we will add 1yrs free registration to off set this cost.
What if I do not want to renew the domain:

That is fine, just let us know and we will release it for resale after the renewal period.

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