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What is a Web Site Template:

A Web Site Template is a web site page that is ready to use, for fast and high-quality web site design.

What are the advantages of buying a web site template:

The main advantages are cost and time: you get a high quality design for a lot less money than getting a web site designer. It usually takes weeks for a good web site designer to have a new web site online - you can do it in the same day.

Where can I buy a Template:

Please click here to see out Templates -

Can I use the Template for any type of website:

Yes, you can use it for any Website type, link to carts, payment provides, other websites, any links and eBay.

How hard is it - I do not know much about these things:

All the templates have very easy to change text and images - you do not need any more knowledge than using a basic word programme.

Can I make money from having the template:

Yes - we can help with your online advertising so your web site template can make money for you - please see our Adsense section for details.

Can I get my template seen by the search engines:

Yes - all web sites that go on our servers will be picked up by the search engines, also we can help with your online traffic - please see Adwords for details.

How often can I change the web site template when it is online:

You can change the template as often as you like 24/7, no limits to the number of times.

How many times can I use the template:

Unlike other template web sites - we let you use the template as many times as you like, no limits.

What is the chance of someone else having the same Template for the same business:

The chance of someone else in the same market as you having the same template web site pages is so small (1 in 3,000,000,000 pages) that there is no need to offer this - and you do not know with these reseller template web sites that the same template is not being sold by a different template reseller. No one but us sells our templates.

Why do other templates look very image based:

Most resellers of templates use visual based templates to sell them to you as they look really good - but we have found that looking good and getting traffic is very different, so we have templates that are usable and targeted to the end user - ask yourself this "how many top companies use flashy sites ", not many as they want viewers to buy from them - they do not want this purchaser to be distracted by a flashing image etc.

How can I pay for the template:

You can pay online with credit and debit cards, with paypal, by cheque and with cash in any HSBC branch - please see

Please email us if you need further help or if you would like to use this service, you can use our contact form if you do not have email  (click here).  

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