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What are Domain Names and how are they used - Domain Name Support Area
What are Domain Names: 
Domain names are also called website and email names, every computer connected to the internet is identified by a unique IP address (such as It quickly became apparent that these numbers weren't too meaningful and as the net grew in popularity it became important to have more memorable ways of identifying the servers. Hence the domain name - unique identifiers that point to specific IP addresses. 
What are Domain Names used for: 
Domain names are used for website address and the main part of any email address. You must have a domain name to use any email or website, for more information and to see what domain names are available, see or click here

How do I register a domain name: 

First you need to check that the domain name you want is available, you can do this free at, once you have found the domain name you want you fill in the name and address details for the person that wants to be the legal owner, then you will go to HSBC to make the registration payment.

If you need help at any time please email or call us, we are happy to guide you through the process.
 +44 (0) 8700 423 958 (sales line). 

What domain name should I register: 

When registering your domain name, go for something memorable and individual. You may want to register your domain name in as many suffixes as possible to avoid the possibility of competitors registering variations of your name, also it may be better for the Search Engines to have split domain names like,, they see this as the 3 words it's made from.
What characters can be used in a domain name: 

Use only letters (a-z), numbers(0-9), or hyphen (-) , can not begin or end with a hyphen and must have at least 3 characters, but less than 63, including suffixes such as .CO.UK .COM, .NET Domain Names

Domain Name WHOIS Lookup: 

The WHOIS is a database of all registered names in the world, no one name can be the same.
Different types of Domain Names: 

There are many different domain types and most countries have their own.
What are international domain names: 

.com .net and .org are the main domain names that are consider global. But these days are just as global and can be seen within the global market.
What are top level domain names: 

This is the very last part of the domain like .com or .uk not ( this is still a top level .com.
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