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FTP - to upload my website pages - Web Hosting Support Area
IMPORTANT - Your first website file:

You must make sure that the very first web page you want people to see when they type your domain name into their browser is called index.htm. If you do not upload a index.htm file then you will only see the default server holding page when you visit your web address.

As soon as you have uploaded your web files your web site will be live on the Internet. You can use FTP to re-upload files you have changed or to delete files you no longer need.

FTP - and FrontPage:

If you have installed FrontPage Extensions, this will stop normal FTP connections, to start the FTP again you need to Remove FrontPage Extensions, this is fine and unless you are creating your website in FrontPage you do not need FrontPage Extensions anyway,

Go to your control panel and remove them, then your FTP should start to work,

FTP - Being blocked by the Firewall:
If your FTP is being blocked by the Firewall

For FTP is being blocked by the Firewall:
1: open Internet Explorer
2: Click 'tools' on the menu
3: Click the 'Internet Options' sub menu
4: click the advanced tab ( top right )
5: scroll down until you see 'Use Passive FTP...'
6: click the box to the left of it
7: Click 'Apply'
8: Click 'ok'
9: test your FTP again

(you can try turning off your firewall - but this is at your own risk and should only be done for a short time)

FTP - Internet Explorer:

You can use Internet Explorer to upload your pages.  In the Internet Explorer Address bar type in the ftp address we gave you in the setup email, then enter the hosting username and password, it should then open as a folder, then you just need to copy and paste your files.

1: open an Internet Explorer window and go to ( or ftp.yourdomain ) 
2: then enter your, Hosting username and Hosting password
3: then you can copy the files from your machine to this new ftp folder,
4: the first file must be index.htm, copy over our one
5: all images must be uploaded as well
6: once this is done you should be able to go to your www address and see the pages,

FTP - if
Internet Explorer has issues or will not connect:
If you can not connect with Internet Explorer it may be your firewall settings, you should try some FTP software to transfer the web files from your computer to the server. The step-by-step guide below uses Filezilla 2.1.7 a fast and reliable FTP client for Windows available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) . Software released under this license is intended to be "free" software. You can download the latest version of Filezilla by clicking HERE (download the ZIP file or the EXE file do not download the SRC file). 

Once you have installed the software on your machine open the program. You will need to enter some information into the bar at the top of Filezilla, that is needed for your computer to connect to the server:

Address -
User - domain - exactly as in email
Password - As supplied on your hosting setup email

Leave the Port field blank and click the Quickconnect button. Your computer should try and connect to the Internet if it is not already and then connect to the server that is hosting your domain name.

Most FTP software works by presenting you with a split screen your local directory structure on one side of the screen (what is on your computer) and the remote directory structure on the other side of the screen (what is on the server). 

To upload a file to the server simply double click on it. To upload multiple files select the files you want to upload and then drag them across to the remote directory side of the screen.

To download a file to your computer simply double click on it in the remote directory side of the screen. To download multiple files select the files you want to download and then drag them across to your directory side of the screen..

To delete a file from the server select the file(s) and press the Delete key. 

Once the files are uploaded the remote directory part of the screen should automatically refresh so you can see what you have uploaded. If this does not happen then click the refresh icon.

FTP - Further help:

Please email us if you need further help, you can use our contact form if you do not have email  (click here). 

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