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Web Page Conversion:

The first page i.e. the one you want to show first must be called index.htm, all other pages can be anything.htm.

1: open Word (or the program you are using)
2: open the page you want to convert
3: on the file menu, look for publish (if you do not have this then go to 5)
4: click the publish options and follow, it will ask for the ftp.yourdomain, the username and password, if it asks for a remote folder then leave blank or put 1 forward-slash / - once this is done your pages should show - do not follow any further steps.
5: in the file menu click save as
6: in the bottom right select the TYPE as htm/html or webpage
7: enter the page name (1st as index.htm)
8: save the file (this will convert your page to a web page

Now upload the page using ftp, also where you find the page, there should be folders with them as the same name_files, this must be copied up as well in the same way.
(if you need help with ftp see the support website below)

Once you have done this your page(s) should start to show at once, if not, check the browser cashing on the support website

Website - How to Start :
To get started you will need a website name (called domain name), and some hosting space (on the Internet that holds your pages etc).

Please see for ordering the name and space,

Then for the pages, it relay depends on how much you want to learn over how much you want to spend, for the easiest way to edit it then you should use Microsoft FrontPage, this will take care of all the coding bits, so you can just use it like Word etc, but if you want you can use free programs like CoolWebs, which many clients use, but you have to learn it, you could get a web-creator type magazine and see what you like etc,

If you only want a simple page to get started then you can even use Word, design the page then save it as a webpage ( index.htm ), you will be able to add this later via your editing software,

Most of our clients start by getting 1 page done and showing on the web to get the search engine listings, then put up their full website over the following weeks/months etc,

Website - Make Changes :
Think of the site that's online as a copy or slave, when you make changes on your machine you then replace the copy (or parts of it) just as you would if you were putting the pages up the first time, if you use FrontPage to do the upload then it will replace the changed pages, if you do it manually that is fine, just replace the pages you have changed, make sure you do not remove or overwrite pages that you do not want changed,

It is best to make a full backup of your site before you make changes as mistakes do happen,

Website - I can not see the changes or new pages :
This is caused by your browser and cashing on your machine, new people going
on your site will see the new pages, to stop this you need to change your IE
(Internet Explorer) settings as follows,

Go to Internet Explorer tools/Internet Options
Click settings
select 'Every visit to page'
Ok etc,
Now Click 'delete files'
Ok etc,
Now Click 'delete files'
This time check the 'delete all offline content'
Ok etc,

This will force your browser to get the current version of the web pages

Now go to your website, and on a page you have changed, hold down the 'CTRL'
key and click the refresh button ( 2 green arrows on white paper ),

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