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New Webmail Access:
The best way for you to access email when on the move is to use webmail, as follows,

1: type  (No WWW)  in the address bar or your browser and click 'go'
2: enter your Email Address ,  info@yourname.etc
3: enter your Password , xxx , in the text box 'Password'
4: Click Login

If your webmail does not look like this - go to the older webmail login below:

Webmail Not Sending:

Ok if you have logged on with the username (xxx-info) rather than the email address then you need
to follow these steps:

1: Select Preferences on the top menu, then Account Preferences,


2: Enter the Displayed Name and Reply To address,

3: Click the Save Settings button at the bottom, then all should send just fine,.

Webmail Login ( older hosting):

To get to the webmail login screen type in an Internet Explorer address bar or if we gave you a different webmail address in your setup email use that one.

Then enter the name as domain-info in your setup email and the password, click logon.

Webmail Reply issues
( older hosting):
If you have reply emails not coming back then you need to check your personal information in the options menu and change the email and reply email addresses.

Please email us if you need further help, you can use our contact form if you do not have email  (click here).  

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